#3567 – last call at dahlgren hall

they’re building a new hockey arena for the navy hockey team, and so this year is probably going to be the last of their free hockey games (when they built a new arena for the basketball team they started charging for admission). stueypark and i used to go to games, but it was less to watch the game itself than it was to play in the arcade, slide around on the floors on the upstairs balcony, or find spiral staircases.

anyway, this weekend being the end of the “crab pot tournament” between a half-dozen or so schools, the family and i went to the hockey game to see one of the last games at dahlgren hall. several fights almost started, i talked with a cute girl from temple university about photography and hockey (and then her midshipman boyfriend showed up 😛 she also looked a lot like distante! XD), and navy ended up winning the game 9 – 1.

i got some pretty good pictures (which are still uploading as i type):


my only complaint about the photos (other than the smudges and scrapes along the plexiglass in front of us, which actually weren’t in the way as much as i expected) was that since i wanted to use my zoom lens i had to shoot at ISO 800, and the pictures have so much noise in the large sizes it almost makes you sick. i couldn’t use my lower-light lens (well, i could have), since it is a fixed (or “prime”) 50mm lens (but the f/1.8 would have been GREAT), so i was stuck with my stock 18-55mm lens. ah well.