#3566 – party line

for the past few days our phone service has been really weird – people would call one number and it’d ring at our house, and sometimes the original person called would pick up and all three of us would be on the phone at once. sometimes people would call us and we wouldn’t get any notification at all, and they’d just hear a phone ringing and ringing with no answering machine or anything at all.

yesterday we called verizon landline to come out to investigate, and for the past hour or so a guy’s been out there working on the junction on the cable. he just told us that apparently it was all wired up wrong, and when he tried correcting it the problem was still there, so he needs to get a cable tech to come out to investigate the cable. basically, we were somehow spliced into another circuit or cable or something, with the result that we are basically on a party line.

they’ve shut off our service for the meantime, and he said that hopefully he can get a cable tech out here today, but he wasn’t sure due to the weather – it’s raining right now and about 20-30 minutes ago it started doing some thunder and lightning, and so if he can’t get the tech to come out today then he should be out here by tomorrow morning. he’s disconnected our line in the meantime, though.

so, don’t call our house, because you won’t get us!

last night i had a dream that was going all nice and then it suddenly changed. i was saving a sexy lady from a castle; it was pretty bizarre… the castle looked like something out of “return to castle wolfenstein”, and the people in it were all dressed up in old style clothing. i had to sneak around so nobody saw me, and had to knock out a guy who looked like superjoe. once i found the sexy lady (who i don’t even remember now what she looked like 🙁 haha), next thing i know the dream entirely changed and it wasn’t as fun anymore. i hate it when that happens!