#3563 – vespa vs vmoto

state law in maryland is that you don’t need a special license if you’re operating a “motor scooter” with a 50cc engine or less. state law also says that you can only ride a “motor scooter” at less than 30 mph. lame-o!

it looks like i’d have to decide between the vmoto “milan” model with its 50cc engine and need no extra license but be less awesome, or decide if i’d want to get a motorcycle license and go with a vespa px 150 and not be faking my awesomeness. the vmoto doesn’t look that bad in person, but the vespa is a vespa.

this is all purely speculative and hypothetical, though. but still, hrms. it’s something to consider.

also: i’m nuts for running around at 3 am looking for my quadrophenia dvd because i want to make lj icons like RIGHT NOW. i’m going even more nuts since i can’t find it and don’t know where it’s gotten to. double hrms. looks like i’ll have to see what i can do with the screen captures on 😛

also, there’s been next to no mention of groundhog day on my friends list, other than three posts that were made at the end of the day/beginning of the next (depending on what time zone you were in), and all three were within a 16 minute window. weird.