#3589 – hooky!

i woke up this morning, and didn’t really feel like going to work; i’m not feeling 100%, but i’m feeling to well to call out sick. so, i used my ESN day for the quarter – we get one “emergency short notice” day, where we can use a personal or vacation day without having to schedule it in advance. so, i’m using one of my vacation days for today.

hey, if i have that option, i’d better use it, right? haha. apparently my parents thought i wasn’t going to be going to work anyway, and they were surprised that i showed up at home last night because they thought i was going to spend the night at zenmetsu‘s place. i have no idea where they got that idea, hah…

hmm. what else… oh! DENSION IS FINALLY SENDING MY REPLACEMENT FOR MY IPOD ATTACHMENT FOR MY CAR. it’s scheduled to arrive jan 31. so, considering my issue began at the beginning of november, and i’ll have the part basically at the beginning of february, that’s basically 3 whole months i’ve been fighting this issue. i’m just glad it’s being sent to me now.