#3582 – karaoke

karaoke tonight was lots of fun! tonight i sang:

– “my generation”, the who (i even mimed smashing a guitar and was going so crazy up on stage that i knocked my glasses off 😛 they had an inflatable guitar up there too, but i didn’t think of using that until afterwards… i probably would have knocked the disco ball loose from its moorings with that :P)

– “bohemian rhapsody”, queen (a giant group version by “the cut crew”: spelchec, lead vocal; mytinyworld, will, and myself as backup singers; and bruno_boy as backup singer / brian may wannabe. we even stood off to the side and posed like in the music video, hahahaaha)

– “i got you (i feel good)”, james brown (my james brown “aaoww!!” is now the stuff of legends)

spelchec brought his camera in and we took a bunch of pictures, i hope he’ll upload them soon.

one of his friends is going to be filling me on mod events; he told me a little about a vespa scooter show in baltimore, and you just need a suit. slowly i’m turning into jimmy cooper, hahaha…

more on tonight tomorrow, bedtime now.