#3578 – makes the day go faster

there’s this cute girl i’ve noticed at work – i believe that from what i’ve observed she’s a relatively new hire. don’t ask me how i know her name already, i’ve got my techniques.

anyway, i’ve seen her walking around, or in the cafeteria during lunch (but not lately, though), and when i do see her i can feel myself giving her these “i’m glancing at you to check you out on the sly but i hope you don’t notice me glancing at you” glances. the thing is, i think i’ve seen her doing the same back at me, since lots of the time that i’m looking at her she’s looking back towards me. that, or she’s wondering why i keep glancing at her. 😛

i guess bringing in a periscope so i can look to see what’s around while i’m sitting in my cube would be a bit excessive, right?

the thing that drives me nuts, is that not only do i not have an excuse to strike up a conversation with her out of the blue, but also that i’ve always kind of felt it to be a not that good of an idea striking up a relationship with someone from work.


she sure is cute, though! i’ll be disappointed if when they move my team from the third floor down to the second floor they don’t move her team as well.

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