#3568 – new apple toys

oh! apple came out with new stuff today… i’m not in the market for a new laptop (though the idea of one with the integrated isight camera intrigues me, i can see myself using something like that on future international traveling adventures), ilife is mostly old-hat (but iweb is kind of interesting, depending on how much control you have and whether or not you can import from other blogging systems), and i don’t need a new imac (but the family does… 6 year old computers are antiques!).

two things about the new laptops irritate me:

– apple dropped the firewire 800 port; it’s not like they had to pay per-unit licensing fees for it, and i like my 250 gig external drive hooked via fw 800. i can’t understand why they’d get rid of it…

– they’re not “powerbooks” anymore. no, now it’s called the “macbook pro”. i guess in the future they’ll change “ibook” to just plain “macbook”. that makes me wonder… it’s currently called a “powermac”, right? does this mean that its new name will be a “macmac”??

it makes me think of what you would call the manager of a mc donald’s for canadian eskimos: a big-mac micmac mucky-muck.