#3552 – stupid holidays!

so, it’s a holiday. i should be having fun, right? nope. though it is nice being off of work today (i slept in until 2 pm! that’s overkill, even for me – normally when i sleep in i’ll wake up at noon on the dot). at least, i wish that banks and post offices were open today. here’s why:

– i need to mail my copy of aperture to apple so they can refund me $250

– i need to write and mail my thank-you notes for my christmas gifts

– i need to burn and mail my mix cd that i’ve been procrastinating mailing

– i need to mail a surprise 🙂

– i need to deposit/cash my checks from christmas

– i need to buy new sneakers (the “sneakers” i have are more hiking shoes, and i start my “running and jogging” class tomorrow)

i can’t buy the sneakers, because right now i’ve got about $40 or so in my bank account; it’d be about $300 once i get a refund for my copy of aperture. i can’t get my refund for that yet since apple won’t credit me for it until they receive it. i couldn’t mail it beforehand since i didn’t have the money for posting it and who wants to brave those post office lines before christmas anyway? besides, i don’t even know what style of shoes i want quite yet – i’ve decided i ought to try to be more fashionable this year. 😛 if the post office was open, at least i could take care of all the things i need to mail!

if the banks were open, i could at least deposit my checks from christmas and use those to buy sneakers with. unfortunately, the banks are not open, so i’ll have to try getting the sneakers after work and before class tomorrow. at least tomorrow starts my new schedule of working 7 am – 4 pm, so since the class doesn’t begin until 7 pm i’ll have time to run some errands between the two. again, though, i don’t know what styles i want. blargh.

i’ve got a gift card for $25 for best buy i could use, and i’ve got a $50 gift card to penn camera i could use, but i don’t know what i want to buy yet with either. i don’t really want to get just another dvd from best buy, but i don’t know what else to get. (not to mention my distrust of best buy now 😛 in this case, though, they’ve already got “my” money and they’re holding my stuff hostage! i need to find something to buy because if i don’t then they get the money and don’t have to give anything up for it!)

new camera lens would be nice, but those are a hefty price. (i’m still wanting a 17-40mm L lens, and some variety of telephoto that i haven’t decided on yet.) i kind of want a tripod… or maybe a monopod. i don’t know what’s good when it comes to those, though. or maybe a flash? my rebel already has a flash, but another one from a different angle can really help in photos.

so i looked on their webpages to try to find something that caught my eye, but nothing yet.

so far it feels like i’ve wasted the day completely, but it’s not all my fault since i can’t get stuff done that i’d like to do. i could write my thank-you notes, but i don’t feel like doing that yet, i’m still kind of lazy right now. or maybe laundry? but who wants to do laundry? hrmn.

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