#3551 – resolutions and guidelines

so i figured i’d make some resolutions, and more of what you’d call “guidelines” as well. resolutions are more of what i’d like to try to do this upcoming year, while the guidelines are… guidelines!

one thing i like about writing these resolutions is i generally try to accomplish them throughout the year. i didn’t make any for 2005, unfortunately. the closest i can find is working on cooking more, and not only is it a constructive resolution but it’s also handy and possibly rewarding! come to think of it, i didn’t really make one for 2004, either! hrmm… let’s see, then…

2006: (see below!)

2005: cook more 😛

2004: thinking about saccarineayako i resolved to stay in touch with people i’ve known more (already did that this year, since i hadn’t seen will in about 3 years before our new year’s eve party!); also wanted to learn a little bit about playing the guitar/bass which i did when we had the scootergang recording…

2003: learn to fly (which i kind of did!)

anyway, here’s for 2006…


– spend less money (that said, my last big purchase of 2005 was a video ipod, and it is SWEET) and try to save more

– read more books

– i’d like to pick up the oboe again, but first i’d need to buy one (see rule #1…)

– move out by sometime in the spring (after i get my raise would be nice and helpful)

– start cooking more (see previous post about moving out)

– get out and about and meeting the ladies more


– realize that sometimes having high standards can be a bit detrimental (sometimes i think that’s why i do some things the way i do, just because i have particular ideals or preconceived ideas and don’t want to settle for anything else)

– speak up more when i want to make something known (right now i’m too easy-going sometimes)

– i know sometimes i can feel like a mean and cruel and bitter (well, for me at least) bastard and get extra-snarky and LIKE it, hahahah – i need to find a decent balance.

i think that’s about it; at least, i’m drawing a blank when trying to think up any more…