#3550 – the last events of 2005

so last night mytinyworld, bruno_boy, will, and his girlfriend (or is it fiancée? i’m the last to know about these sorts of things) showed up at my place around 7, and shortly afterwards geminid and jschlackman arrived. we hung out around the house for a bit and had some shrimp and crab dip and crackers before taking the free shuttles downtown from across the street.

i laughed when the bus arrived downtown; it stopped where it was letting everybody off, but after the driver opened the doors nobody was moving. he kind of revved the engine and i looked forward and saw this finger poke out from the driver’s cab and point at the open door, and point again a few seconds later. i jumped up and said “ok! everybody off!!” and charged off the bus with everybody else following, hahaha.

we tried to go to the bank of america atm so betsy and jay could use it (their bank from england has an agreement with bank of america), but their atm was out of order and the next-closest one was a few miles away down west street; we ended up having to use a bb&t bank instead.

wandered around downtown and we went into riordian’s, an irish bar/restaurant down by city dock. stayed in there until about 10:00-10:30ish. while we were in there i had two drinks (including a fantastic modification of the rocket pop:

normally the “rocket pop” is made like this:

– 1 pt vanilla vodka

– 1 pt grenadine

– 1 pt cherry pucker

– splash of sprite

i wrote down all of the ingredients to make sure i wasn’t forgetting something, and the barkeep said that they had everything but the pucker, but they did have cherry brandy instead, so i said ok, that sounded fine. with cherry brandy IT WAS AMAZING. will ordered one as well and he and meg loved it, and i believe they ordered another one after that as well.

we left the bar and wandered around some more; since we didn’t really want to go to first night annapolis (pay $25 for a pin to get into events that you queue up for ages for, and other than the pyrates royale it’s mostly boring fuddy-duddy events, and no booze! lame-o party!), we looked around for something else to do. there were too many 14-year-olds wandering about, and too few people our age out, so we looked for another bar to go in to.

most of the places we passed had queues outside as well, so i suggested sean donlon’s (or as i called it, “the place i had heard about but couldn’t remember the name”, which instilled confidence in william). we were lucky – since it was up away from city dock and actually on west street, it was away from where the festivities was going on and where at midnight they’d drop a crab into a pot (instead of dropping the ball like in times square – this is annapolis, off the chesapeake bay, you know). there was no line to get in at sean donlon’s, and we made our way to the back and found a big round table that we settled in at. zenmetsu and his girlfriend cat called us shortly after we arrived and i gave them directions to the pub and they met us there. it was a fun place, and pretty cheap, and we got free noisemakers and party hats and a free champagne toast at midnight. it was good times all around.

shortly after midnight we left the pub and went to take the buses back to my place; it took a little while, but not that bad of a wait. dan was telling someone about the freestyling hobo we had seen in baltimore and just as i was telling him how meowremix3804 knew him she called me! my first call of the new year, hahaha!

on the bus the driver said “ok! everybody in back hold on!” and as our group was all standing i said “don’t worry! we’re all holding on! i speak for us all!” prompting someone to comment how i was sounding like the next president of the united states. jay said in his british accent “you’ve got my vote!” and i said “gee, thanks jay… but you can’t vote!!” causing more people to laugh.

walked across the street back to my house and hung out there for a bit before people slipped away. all in all it was a good new year’s eve! very fun! i took a few pictures but haven’t imported them yet.

i woke up around noon; everybody else was going to 12:30 mass but i was still too tired and hungry and slightly hungover to want to go. even now i’m still hungry, i guess i’ll go find some food and lie down some more