#3548 – party to the people

so, geminid (see! i got it right!!), and jschlackman, are you still looking for something to do for new year’s eve? how about you, meowremix3804? we’ve kind of moved the party to my place, hahaha… several people (bruno_boy, mytinyworld, perhaps spelchec, and an old friend from high school and his girlfriend) are coming here and then we’ll be walking/riding shuttle to downtown annapolis and poke around and find adult beverages and such.

i don’t know about any designated driver situations, but i guess anybody involved can bring their sleeping bag along… 😛

since it’s already much of the group for the postsecret outing, meowremix3804, would you be interested in new year’s partying too?

also, postsecret plans look canned; they say on the site it’s closed on sunday as it’s new year’s day! LAME-O. they’re closed on mondays and tuesdays as well. unless you guys want to go tomorrow (saturday) from 2 pm – 6 pm??