#3533 – mafia meat

we used to subscribe to this meat-delivery service years and years ago, where some company would deliver vacuum-packages of different types of meat for a really good price. they even sold us a freezer to keep the meat in. (we originally signed up because some lady called and asked “how would you like to save money on groceries?” and mom liked her new york accent). they would deliver things other than meats – mostly canned goods – but they were primarily a meat company.

my aunt and uncle signed up for the same service. i guess we referred them to the company or something, since their meat was really good quality. they even guaranteed the meat – once my aunt and uncle’s freezer busted and the meat went bad but the company exchanged it out for them. we only subscribed to their service for a year or two, though.

my aunt came by to visit the other day and for some reason she started talking about it, and said how it seemed that their customer service had kind of gone downhill and so they cancelled their service a few years ago as well.

she said that recently she found this out – it turns out the company was based in south jersey and shut down by the feds since they were connected to money laundering for the mafia!