#3527 – tba

among other things, my advisor told me in an email today how i need to take another music course or another archaeology course or some sort of arts/humanities course. i started to poke around more on anne arundel community college’s webpage to see if i could find a music course to take (while it was interesting, i’m not going to take another upper-level archaeology course where i end up sitting in the class with no background in the subject!). i found this:

somehow i’m not surprised that nobody’s registered for the course with concrete course details such as that! 😛

eta: though i must admit my archaeology class was kind of fun, especially when the professor would ask “what modern city is most like ancient rome?” and i would reply “rome!” leading the professor to think for a second and agree that what i said made sense, hahaha… that, and breaking up into groups and telling all the girls in my group (i was one of two or three guys in the entire class – ancient studies is where the ladies be at!) how i knew nothing about ancient studies and they’d all be interested in giving me a crash-course in the class on whatever it was we were talking about that day.