#3524 – PE credit

at work today we had a party (yes, more cake was involved), and we got to pick our schedules for january 1 – march 31. i chose a 7 am – 4 pm shift so i could take classes in the evening. i was so tempted to take the 8 am – 7 pm shift and only work monday-thursday and have off friday-sunday, but wouldn’t be able to take any classes. i’m not looking forward to having to wake up early, but at least i’ll be getting out at 4 pm i guess, and i can still take classes.

now that i’ve got my schedule, i started looking to see what classes were left open that i could take. i made a list of the requirements i need to graduate, and then checked off the list all the classes that i had fulfilled; i’ve got about 16 courses left (17 including a science lab) to go.

one of the tricky things about scheduling are the physical education courses that i need to take, because there aren’t that many offered and they fill up quickly. i don’t see why this is so, because how can you really have a course on “jogging” fill up?? in any case, finding a PE course is hard enough to do when you’re registering right after your eligibility date when you’re one of the first people to register, let alone over a month later!

so i looked at the courses available, and they’re all closed. well, all except two or three… i remember that a scuba training class was still open, as well as an advanced scuba course, and women’s lacrosse. now, i find it a bit odd that they have it set as “women’s” lacrosse, as i’m sure that if there was a guy out there who wanted to take one of the womens’ studies courses that he wouldn’t be prevented from taking it. (one of my friends – a guy, incidentally, joined the society for women in technology.) in fact, there’s nothing in the course description saying that men would be prevented from taking the class! this gave me an idea: i could be the bench warmer!

hell, i’d be happy being the bench! bahahahahah…

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