#3511 – 4 days off

ermm, what’s been going on…? a few different things, actually… i haven’t really been able to make a big post about what i’ve been doing, i’ve been busy doing so many other things instead.

we finished training at work on friday, so we’re actually processing orders now. it’s a little bit scary to be supporting all these government accounts (even some cloak-and-dagger type of accounts!) and having to follow strict contracts when taking care of them and needing to remember so many things, but i got used to it pretty quickly. plus, it’s really nice being able to sit there and just listen to my ipod while i work and not have to interact with people except when i want, and when customers get angry they’re now just typed words on a screen and not all in my face.

i got paid today, but for some reason my paycheck is a few hundred dollars less than what i usually expect. i looked at it online, but though i can see the difference in hours worked i can’t figure out why the difference is even there. i don’t remember working any less. it’s probably something really obvious as well that i’m … oh, wait, maybe the difference would be from the day before thanksgiving when i forgot to sign out of my terminal? they said that ended up not counting me in at all for the day on the time-clock. i’ll have to check to see what i submitted for hours some other time, as i couldn’t make sense of it right now.

at work we’re doing one of these “secret santa” things that i got snookered into doing. it’s not that bad now that i’ve found and purchased what to get for my victim, but it was kind of funny today when she sent out an email saying that she couldn’t participate for some reason or another and for whoever drew her name to let her know so she could give them the name she had drawn. well, since i had drawn her name, i replied to her email telling her that i was her secret santa and she told me who she had picked. later she came by my desk and said she changed her mind and wanted her secret santa victim back, haha. whatever, i don’t really care, hahaha… it’s not that secret for her anymore now that she knows i’m giving her stuff, though. oh well.

i had my final exams for all two classes i’m taking – one was last week and was kind of tricky – i guess i should see what grade i got? hm… *crosses fingers*… YES! in my decision support systems class i got a B! granted, it was a 79% and that a 78% was the start of the C range, but a B is a B and i’ll take a B any old day! 😀 now to see if they posted for my other class…? *crosses fingers*… HOORAY! a C! i was worried at first since it said it was a 67% and i was going to be all “oh no how could i do that class over AGAIN for a third time?!”, but it says the letter grade is a C and you need a C to pass on to the next class. hooray! i can finally advance in my edjumacation! 😀 now i just need to figure out what class(es) i can take in the spring, and i won’t know which ones for sure until the 20th when we get our new work schedules for the new year.

what else? hm. oh! i’m going to be getting myself out and about and be all meeting people and finding ladies and stuff this weekend. go me! i was poking around on craigslist a few months ago and found this site called where you could meet people in your city to hang out or do stuff, and they had a baltimore group. i hadn’t really paid attention to the emails until a mention of the christmas block in the hampden neighborhood in baltimore (THIS IS A MUST-CLICK-AND-SEE! yeah, you see that welcome screen? see how those houses are decorated? the entire block is like that!) and i thought it would be neat to see in person and take pictures of, so i’m going to try to go to that on sunday night.

Don’t be disappointed if you clicked on this event expecting a viewing of the classic holiday film! This Miracle on 34th Street is much more fun – people come from all over the region to see this spectacularly lit block in lil’ ol’ Hampden, hon. We’ll walk the 3 blocks to 34th Street from Paul’s house, and maybe check out some of the lights of other residents who try to keep up on the way back.

Back at Paul’s house, we’ll warm up with hot beverages and COOKIES – so, that’s your cost for the event, cookies. 🙂 Actually, we’ll probably let you come even if you don’t bring cookies. 🙂

sounds like i’ll need to do some cookie-baking this weekend. 😛 they’ve got some other events over this 4-day weekend that i have that might be interesting to go to depending on the weather. that trip to hampden sounds like an awesome photo-safari, though. it’s so baltimore. meowremix3804 – would you be interested in going too? photo safari! 😀

i managed to *ahem* find a copy of toast 7 online the other night. it’s pretty much the same as toast 6 but now has the ability to create video discs more easily than my copy of toast 6. i tried an experiment with a clip from “can’t hardly wait” that i had recorded from the cable box into my computer, and converted/burnt that to a dvd to see how it looked and it looked very well!

i had also recently been reading about the japanese movie “train man”, about a true story. so, i was poking around on newsgroups earlier tonight and i happened to *ahem* find a dvd rip of the movie. it came with a subtitle file, but my media viewer didn’t like the file for some odd reason. i wanted to watch it on tv or something, or at least back it up to dvd, and lucky for me one of my video conversion programs can convert it to the proper formats for making a dvd out of it, and in the process it also makes it so that the subtitles can be selected on the dvd player itself and not be “burned” onto the movie. so, right now it’s converting it on the computer overnight, and then tomorrow i can burn it to a dvd. carn_carby also says i should watch the drama, and just reading about it makes me want to see it. the only problem is trying to find it! hrm.

so basically i’m coming up with things to do each day of my little 4-day weekend: tomorrow i need to ship my second copy of aperture back to apple for my refund, and i’ll try to mail out the mix cds i promised i’d make a month ago either tomorrow or friday – i got so caught up in other things i haven’t been able to work on them, but i’ve got some good mixes lined up! i might also try getting an rma# so i can get my laptop bag shipped out tomorrow too to be fixed, and i’ll try calling the manufacturer of my ipod’s car hookup since they still haven’t gotten back to me and i’m about to go all HULK SMASH on them. while i’m calling people, maybe i’ll even call our IT department at work to get them to finally change my name in the email system; today i submitted a request in our trouble-ticket system for them to correct my name elsewhere. as for the rest of the week, friday, i don’t know what i’m doing then quite yet. depending on weather i may not be able to get out to do anything, anyways. i’ll make that a “watch ‘train man’ day”. oh, and “rocky”, too. i was reading what coolerbythelake linked to about muhammad ali and it made me want to watch “rocky”, hahaha. saturday: no plans for sure yet, might go to see narnia with bruno_boy and spelchec and whoever else goes, but i kind of don’t really care about seeing it. i’d prefer to see “aeon flux” or “the producers” (which comes out on friday night), but the way things are turning out i may end up going to those by myself one of these days. sunday: photo safari in hampden.

and if i get bored, i’ve got more photos to scan in and i’m still trying to work my way toward copying the records that gaiadea and geminid‘s dad gave me when they moved almost a year ago – he wanted a copy of some of the albums, but i have barely been able to look at them let alone listen to them. 🙁

in random news: i’ve found my pimp-castle! trouble is, my aunt and uncle live in it now. and it’s in the middle of nowhere in the country in virginia. it’s 6000 square feet, though! when the master bathroom is bigger than the master bedroom in your house, you know it’s a giant house.

also, i ought to investigate investing in CDs. no “deez nuts” joke, either!

ok, has this post gone on long enough? i’m ready to sleep in any case.