#3508 – here piggy piggy piggy

last night i had this really weird dream… i was trying to explain to zenmetsu this joke that my uncle jack had told to my cousin felicity: “i’d have a battle of wits with you, except i promised myself not to fight someone who is unarmed”. felicity heard me trying to explain it to dan and she pulled us into this warehouse that uncle jack owned… half of the warehouse was for food, and the other half was for furniture and other goods. uncle jack was around there somewhere as well – he was wearing a stripey shirt since he was a burglar or something, haha. there was a big 20-30′ mound of videotapes in there, and we three sat on the tapes and watched movies on a screen that was hanging in the warehouse.

after a while i heard a noise outside that sounded like a bunch of chickens, so i pointed it out to dan and he went to see what it was. turned out it wasn’t a chicken, but a pig! the pig ran into the warehouse and though it appeared to be a small pig, when it would get closer to you it would actually grow rather large in size and start attacking you. dan and felicity got out of the warehouse, and i kept trying to get away from the pig. i would climb these ladders in the warehouse, and the pig would somehow climb up the ladder behind me while i attempted to kick it off.

eventually somehow i managed to get outside, and as i was walking through this intersection a bunch of men wearing white labcoats jumped out of a van that pulled up. apparently the pig had escaped from a local pig farm and they needed to recapture it, so they brought out all these other really large pigs on leashes and they set snares in a circle in the intersection, and they would stand at attention with their pigs behind each of their snares, and tossed out food to try to lure the pig that chased me out from a bush, hoping that the pig would come out to the food and get caught in the snare. apparently the bigger pigs were there to make the pig that chased me want to come on over.

by this point i started to feel a little sad for the pig, so i tried tossing out some food of my own to try to distract the pig, as since it was now a little farther away it appeared very small and vulnerable. i wondered why it didn’t seem to have any effect on the pig, until someone pointed out that i was tossing out strips of bacon.

exam in the morning… i don’t know how i’ll end up doing…

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