#3488 – pachinko!

so i uploaded a ton more pictures of myself to flickr (feisty_fitz had put together a photo album of just pictures of me as part of a birthday gift for me one year), so i had gone through that album and scanned in the photos and put them up.

when we used to live in wisconsin, our neighbors were from japan, and they had a pachinko machine.

i just realized that when i get my pimp-castle, i need to put that on my list of stuff to put in it.

also, i need to remember to try to register for this contest the radio station i listen to is having – on friday the winner of their drawing gets to be driven all around in a limo and they give you $10,000 to spend in one day! that sounds like the job for me!

bruno_boy: “the job for you??” spending money DOES sound like your job! 😛