#3482 – rackum-frackum project runway


so the past few nights i’ve been basically getting 4-5 hours of sleep for various reasons, which sucks when you have to wake up at 6:30 am for work at 8. it’s not really “work” when all we have to do is sit in training and watch / follow along with different systems, but for me only a few of the systems that we’re being trained on are completely new to me, and of the others there’s only a little bit in those systems that’s new to me too. needless to say, i come very close to falling asleep in that class. they dismiss us for breaks of 10-15 minutes and i go and get a coffee, but 20 minutes after the class reconvenes i’m nodding off again.

it doesn’t help that either the room is too hot, or too cold (my seat is right under a vent, too… it gets freezing there! i have to wear my leather winter jacket!), or the air gets too stuffy and my eyes dry out and i keep closing my eyes and that makes me want to sleep even more.

so i resolved that tonight would be different – i had an exam at 7:10 – 8:25, and then i’d be home at 9, and could go to sleep at 10 for 8 hours of sleep.


i came home at 9, farted around the internet until 10, and PROJECT RUNWAY, DAMN PROJECT RUNWAY came on the tv! i HAD to watch! ARGH.

so i figured, ok, this will be over at 11… they’re dismissing the losers of the first challenge now… uh, where’s the end credits? IT WAS A TWO-HOUR SEASON PREMIERE EPISODE. ARGH. DAMMIT.

so it ends at midnight. (but it was good! oh so good! that show is like crack! i swear!) i came down to my room and killed a cricket all SLAMMERIN’-SNEAKER STYLE! (that’s right cricket bitches, don’t mess with my room, you guys piss me off with your chirping and cricketing and chewing holes in fabrics!) i go to my computer and jen from florida left me a message that she’ll be online more now! hooray! i was just thinking about her the other day too. BUT I COULDN’T RESPOND SINCE SHE HAD LOGGED OFF WHILE I WAS UPSTAIRS WATCHING PROJECT RUNWAY. ALSJKFLAJDSF. PHOOEY.

i’m fine. really! it’s just that rackum-frackum project runway…

anyway. know what i like about wintertime? winter fashions on the ladies! hot ladies are looking extra hot! yow yow! yay sweaters! yay fleeces! boo on no ladies with the glennmeister!

ok, time to go to bed now. 6 hours of sleep is better than none!