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me vs. bad customer service

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I sent a reply via about two weeks ago to an opened trouble ticket but had not yet received a response to my followup (attached afterwards for reference).

My ice>Link is currently having a problem with its circuit/control board. It was originally purchased June 22, 2005 – ordered through as in-store pickup, and still within its one-year warranty. I had taken it into the Best Buy store in Annapolis, MD on November 12 along with a copy of my receipt from the store to have them exchange it out under warranty. Before I had left the house I had checked through to make sure that the same product was in stock (which it was), and advised the customer service rep at the store that I just wanted to perform an exchange under warranty. Originally I was told that the store did not have any in the store, and when I advised the rep I had already checked online 10 minutes before I entered the store to see if they were in stock, he checked in his system and told me that they did have them in stock but that the store was unable to exchange it as it had been more than 30 days since it was purchased. He continued to say that even though it was still under warranty they could not perform a warranty exchange on the equipment and they advised that I contact the manufacturer of the equipment to have it exchanged.

I opened a trouble ticket through and was advised that I should take it back to where I purchased it as the retailer should perform the exchange. I printed out the response I received from Dension support and brought that back to Best Buy on November 14 and was still advised (by the representative at the desk and her supervisor, who both seemed to be handling a “magic 8-ball” in the support area) that they could not perform the exchange as they were not authorized by Dension to perform exchanges (which I thought was odd as I believed Best Buy to be the only retail dealer from searching on – I was advised by Best Buy that in order for them to perform any sort of warranty exchange in the store, Dension would need to contact Best Buy corporate and that Dension would need to authorize Best Buy to perform any equipment exchanges under warranty. I’d like to think that their use of the magic 8-ball did not relate to whether or not they wanted to assist me with my issue, but it definitely leaves a bad perception of customer service at the very least.

Since the original support request had not been listed as “closed” (only “responded”), I submitted a followup to my original support request through advising of what I had been told by Best Buy in order to find out what needed to be done to receive information on performing a return, but have not yet received any reply.

Frankly, at this point I’m becoming rather upset at the service I’m receiving from both companies – this is now an issue that has been troubling me for almost a month now, and could have been handled first by Best Buy warranting the products that they sell with the manufacturer’s warranty, or by Dension providing me with a return authorization number upon first request, Best Buy going the extra mile and performing the exchange as a courtesy to their customer, or even the two companies to be on the same page with regard to their service/exchange policies. At this point I do not know which company I need to contact with regard to my existing issue as both seem to be giving me the runaround, and I am not very impressed with how I’m being treated. As my current job is in performing customer service via the internet, and the position I held in my company before that was customer service in their retail channel, I am accustomed to the various policies that may need to be followed within customer service, but neither company seem to be accommodating my issue even as a courteous exception to the policy – at this point I’m currently rethinking future purchases from either company.

What needs to be done to remedy this issue as soon as possible? I have been unable to use my product for the past month, and this is an issue that could have been taken care of in minutes, or a few days at most… a month-long runaround is unacceptable for such a simple issue.

Thanks in advance,

Glenn Fitzpatrick


Sat, Nov 12 2005 09:59 pm CET by



I purchased an ice>Link Plus near the end of this past June, and as of this past week it is no longer being recognized by the head unit and causing other electrical issues as per

What can I do in order to have it replaced under warranty?

Thanks in advance,

Glenn Fitzpatrick


Mon, Nov 14 2005 03:30 pm CET by


just contact your retailer and ask a warranty replacement.

Regards… Dension Support


Tue, Nov 15 2005 02:40 am CET by

I brought the item back into Best Buy today (I had gone to them originally to have it exchanged, and they told me at the store to contact the manufacturer as they would not warrant it, leading me to open a support request here) along with a printout of the previous email, and they said again that they would not warrant it and advised that Dension would need to contact Best Buy corporate to advise that it would be ok for them to perform that exchange under warranty (apparently they only would perform warranty exchanges within the first 30 days of purchase, and don’t warrant any items that they happen to sell after that period).

Frankly, as someone who has worked years in customer service, if that is how Best Buy feels what customer service is all about then I’m not very impressed with their policy.

I guess now I just need to know what the next step is; I do have my receipt from my original purchase.

Thanks again,

Glenn Fitzpatrick