#3468 – archiving

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In early 2003 the son of the man who built our house happened to stop by to remember what the house used to look like. These are some pictures of its early years…

right now i’m on an archiving kick, scanning in photographs and uploading them into flickr – i’ve already done a bunch before, but i’m going to attempt to get most (if not all) of our photographs digitized and uploaded… it’s a lofty goal, but as an information systems major i get to obsess over stuff like backups and organization of data for kicks!

there are some artists i’m not surprised to hear people not know about, and others that i can’t believe people haven’t heard of. for example: tonight they showed a clip of stevie wonder on tv, and anne didn’t know who he was. i found an 8-track cassette of the doobie brothers while searching for photos today – anne didn’t know what an 8-track was (her first words when i told her about it was “wow, it’s bigger than an ipod!”) or who the doobie brothers are. all that sense. mom saw the picture of me as flava flav and didn’t know who that was. that makes sense too. when barry white died and i remarked about it, my aunt (in her late 50s or early 60s, i’d guess) said “who’s barry white?”. that’s surprising to me, i would have expected someone her age to have known, or maybe i just have unreasonable expectations. 😛

tomorrow (and if not tomorrow then monday night after work) i need to go to the wild orchid cafe to use my gift certificate as it expires on monday – two years after i originally received it. i don’t really want to go just by myself, though, but it’s a shame to waste a nice gift certificate for a fancy restaurant…