#3467 – feet pr0nz!

dad came down and said that he’s been raking leaves all morning and that now it’s my turn. i hope it won’t take too long to do to the rest – the army/navy football game is at 2:30 or so…

i had a happy dream – i don’t remember that much about it (most of it didn’t make sense), but apparently mom and kelly and anne and i drove down to new orleans and hung out with sk8bette… all i really remember was that i was hugging alyson a LOT – that was fun. 🙂 then later all the rest of the family (even the extended family) arrived and we set up in this giant mansion, and then we were going to go out to eat steak for dinner. until dad woke me up, that is.

i checked my email and someone on flickr had sent me a message…

:: Hi Glenn Fitzpatrick:

I’ve really enjoyed your pix so far, you take great pix of

yourself 🙂

I’m trying to enlarge the photo pool to my group and I am

wondering if you could kindly post some pix of your

soles(bottoms of feet) to my new group:

Hope that’s not too much trouble for you 🙂

Thanks in advance,


the group is “the beauty of male feet”, and melissa’s picture-posting guidelines are:

“Welcome to the club !! Please feel free to post relevant pix. I only ask that pix involving minors (under 18) and nudity not be posted. Male feet only, please :)”

yikes, they want me to post feet-pr0nz!! that makes this next message even more chuckles:

“I’ve recently had to delete some photos from the group due to their pornographic nature. When you folks post pix, please be sure that the focus of the pix is on feet, not frontal nudity and/or other distractions. There are plenty of other groups for non-feet purposes.”

when they want feet-pr0nz, they MEAN “FEET-PR0nZ”!

on one hand i don’t mind posting (who knows, i could be the next hot male feet-pr0nz star, the ladies who love the feet-pr0nz would be falling all over me my feet!), but on the other hand it’s just bizarre!