#3452 – vampire jones

i dreamt that i was going to some amateur theater production, and for some strange reason i was dressed up as indiana jones. when i got to the theater there were all these cars pulling up front and dropping people off, but there wasn’t any room for the cars to park while doing so – this man in a big black suv asked if i could direct traffic while he went around the block so he could pull in to the space i was making for him, so that he could drop off his passengers.

(now, the last time i did this in a dream they ran into the theater and the theater wouldn’t let me in since they were filled to capacity, so i was going to beat them to their trick this time).

i directed traffic, and when the guy pulled back around this girl jumped out and i grabbed her and told her i was keeping her hostage until he came back, and that i wouldn’t let her in until then. she broke away from me and ran in, so i just ran in as well so i wouldn’t get kicked out again.

watching the play they had a half-dozen people from the audience come back behind the stage and we just stood there in this little room just off of the side of the stage. one of the cast members, dressed up as a werewolf/vampire, came back and pretended to bite us. later in the play someone told me that it was my job at the end of the play when everyone looks really scared to come running out and scare people, so i said ok. they also said that if i didn’t know if i should go running out that i could just flip a coin to decide what to do since “the play could go either way”.

meanwhile, we’re standing in this back room and people from the play are coming in and poking around – at one point a bunch of them dressed up as nazis started poking around in there. i don’t even know what the play was about.

at the end of the play i saw everyone pretend to look all scared and so i ran out and the audience screamed. i guess it’s spooky to see a vampire/werewolf indiana jones.

then i dreamt that i was going to come home and write about the play, but i found something on the internet about non-circular cds that people tried to load in their slot-loading cd drives on their computers, and weird things that people had done with cds… for example, one thing i read was that these people used to shake hands with this big muscular guy named larry, take cds and break them in half, and put pillows on top of the broken cds and sit on top of the pillows, and somehow this helped them predict what team would win games against the la dodgers.

it was about then that i woke up.