#3431 – aacc

i’m considering not taking any classes at umbc next semester just so i can work on taking japanese classes at aacc in the spring… i don’t know if i’ll have the time schedule-wise to take classes at both places, and even if i did i don’t know if i’d want to just so i could devote more time to japanese since japanese 102 kicked my ass each time i tried it. hopefully taking it with a new professor might help me out a bit…

i think tomorrow i’ll consider my options and email my advisor at umbc to see if he’s got any suggestions as to what to take next.

today at work i sat around bored for almost the entire day. as i still don’t have any login info, and can’t do anything until i get it, i spent 30 minutes shredding some bills i had finished with, and the rest of the day i wandered around chatting with some friends in my department, reading pages on the company intranet (i now know all there is to know about the company’s vehicle fleet, the anti-fraud team, usability studies of the website and automated phone menus, pedestrian flow diagrams for stores, and a ton more).

seriously, i start to go crazy if i don’t have anything to read – i may not read books that often, but i’m always reading lj or news sites or anything i can get my hands on… i really just need something to keep my mind from idling. i guess i have to be actively involved with the subject, because books on tape don’t really do that much for me. podcasts i’m fine with, they’re kind of like a background noise but are still informative and i don’t have to concentrate that much on plot points and stuff like that.

i did hear some funny bits on my podcasts i was listening to today… i recently found one by a flight attendant who talks about her travels and interviews crew members, and i really liked the interviews on this one about things lost in translation, especially the bits about the mexican airlines and the british pilot’s reaction. XD

also, though i haven’t really read any books recently, but after listening about this book i want to get a copy and read it, it sounds fascinating – he sounds like me! >:D bahahaha…