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just contact your retailer and ask a warranty replacement.

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> Hello,


> I purchased an ice>Link Plus near the end of this past June, and as of this past week it is no longer being recognized by the head unit and causing other electrical issues as per


> What can I do in order to have it replaced under warranty?


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> Glenn Fitzpatrick

so i took this email along with my broken ipod adapter into best buy and told them how i was troubleshooting it and found this part was defective, and that i would like to exchange it UNDER WARRANTY for the exact same item. they said that their policy didn’t let them do that. i told them that i was told to contact the manufacturer and showed them the email where the manufacturer instructs me to take it back to where i purchased it to be exchanged. they said that’s not good enough, that the manufacturer now needs to contact best buy to tell them that it’s ok for them to return their merchandise and swap it under warranty. “i find it hard to believe that best buy won’t warrant the items that they sell” i told them, and they said that they only would swap it for the same within 30 days and afterwards i need to go to the manufacturer unless i had purchased their extended warranty. they gave me the number to their corporate office and that was that.

rest assured i’ll be calling that corporate number, and won’t be making any more purchases from best buy in the foreseeable future!