#3418 – 3

meat loaf is making a third “bat out of hell” album… “bat out of hell iii: the last at bat”. i’m actually kind of excited about it, i just found out about it today and after listening to a lot of meat loaf songs lately (ok, just the first two albums over and over again), i want to find out what this is going to sound like…

“I don’t know what it sounds like because … ‘Bat Out of Hell’ was produced by Todd Rundgren, he’s completely out of his mind. ‘Bat Out of Hell II’ was produced by Jim Steinman, he is completely insane. Michael Beinhorn is as odd as the other two, and he’s doing III, so I have no idea.”

and if you think that i’m making it up, here’s the straight poop from meat loaf’s lead guitarist.

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