#3417 – 30 days apparently

i tracked down the issue that my car was having. no, it wasn’t a fuse (though i need to get some 5A fuses now that i accidentally dropped one behind the trim of the panel, oops…). i unplugged everything from my ipod’s setup and that seemed to fix it. plugged the circuit board wafer that gets plugged into the rear of my stereo to control the ipod back in and the problem was back. unplugged it again, everything worked fine again.

so i took everything i could (ipod cradle, wafer, instruction manuals, and printout of receipt from buying it online) to best buy to have them just do a warranty swap on it. i figured there shouldn’t be any problem – they had it in stock (i had checked online before i left), and i had the original receipt and it was still under warranty, and told the guy behind the counter i just wanted to swap it for the same.

at first he told me that he didn’t think they carried them in the store but i told him that i has seen online that it was in stock, and then after he looked at his computer he said that they only had two in stock and besides, i had purchased it over 30 days ago so they couldn’t exchange it. i told him that i thought from what i read online that the store would honor warranty issues and he said no, i’d have to go through the manufacturer. uh, oh-kayy… so he gives me the phone number of the manufacturer and i come back home. i was a little tempted to ask for the manager, but didn’t as i’m still coming off my nice-guy-who-worked-in-the-retail-trenches-too shock.

doublecheck the info online… their wording is so vague it seems as if it can apply either way. i’m not going to drive up to bowie to duke it out with them, though, i’m too annoyed at the policy – vzw had it much better, if your item was under warranty, you would just bring in the receipt and the warranty would be honored (as long as it wasn’t abuse of the product, like yanking cables out or getting electronic stuff wet)… silly me to think that other stores would do something similar. stupid best buy. 😛