#3416 – the 'y's don't have it

my coworkers feel sorry for me. why?

well, there’s the internet response team, made up of two subteams. altogether there’s about 14-15 people or so for the internet response team, and the subteams have about 7 or 8 people each. out of these 15 or so people, there’s only 3 guys including me. one of the others is the supervisor of my subteam, and the other is kind of a second-in-command for the other subteam.

not only am i one of three guys, but i’m also one of 3 white folks out of the entire team. not to be racist about anything, just an observation.

when you’re the only white male in a group, you sure feel awkward! my coworkers feel sorry for me for it, hahahaha… it’s funny, though, because they were discussing a pot-luck lunch we’ll have one day and told me “don’t expect to weasel your way out because men can’t cook!” and i showed them my tuna-kit i brought for lunch and they got a big kick out of that and said “well, don’t expect to bring 16 of those to the pot-luck!”

they also are always talking about who’s having a baby, and celebrating something or other with cake. “ooh, let’s get a cake for that!” or “sam’s club has the best cake, chocolate with these shavings… oh, i know exactly which one you’re talking about!” one lady who had a baby was supposed to come in the office tomorrow, but is at the hospital on bedrest. they already got a cake for her, though, so i think they’re thinking of bringing in the cake and taking a picture of it to send to her, and then sending her pictures of us eating the cake, hahaha…

but yes, they feel sorry for me having to put up with all these women in their late-20s to mid-50s “cackling at each other all day”, haha…

this morning i got gas for my car, and normally afterwards the needle goes immediately up to “F” and my computer says that i can go 400 or however many miles on my tank. today the needle didn’t do anything and the computer’s readout didn’t change. i was worried that the car wouldn’t know what to do when it thought that it had run out of gas, but over the next 30 minutes on my drive to school they slowly creeped upwards. they didn’t get all the way to “F” by the time i got to school, though. i really need to check my fuses and whatnot this weekend…

i ordered myself a new phone today. hopefully that’ll come this weekend, if not by monday.

i added a bunch of new podcasts to listen to at work, and organized them into smart playlists for each that only shows me the unheard ones, this should be a lot easier to listen to now.

tomorrow is dress-down friday at work; i’m trying to get to work early so i can get a jump-start on my weekend (which would mean waking up at 5 am-ish so i can get to work at 7, but that’s looking less and less likely)