#3406 – adam's rib

i haven’t been interested in going to mass for the longest time. it’s really for personal reasons – it hasn’t held my interest, and (frankly) i’m not all that impressed with many of the members of the congregation, especially after working retail and seeing so many of them come in and how they act.

that’s not to say that i’m trying to put myself up on a pedestal. however, even though i haven’t wanted to go in a long time, i still try to act as best i can toward other people. it’s kind of hard for me to describe, but i know how i feel about it. actually, after i read “blankets” by craig thompson it was like a lightbulb went off in my head – that’s pretty much how i feel.

i kind of surprised myself when dad asked me earlier tonight if i was going with the family to mass at 5:30 and i said yes. i feel bad though now because after i took a shower he told me that we were going out to adam’s ribs for dinner after church, and i found myself more excited about that and glad i said yes to going with the family since we’d be going out to eat.


time to go… festive is online now and i want to talk, but no time right now… maybe she’ll still be on when i get back…