#3403 – i could really go for some pancakes right now

yesterday: took the mini into the shop in the morning, came back home, picked bruno_boy up from umbc and hiked around part of the bwi trail and took pictures, came back home to watch a movie, met up with spelchec and mytinyworld to watch mst3k (master ninja theme song!), met up with zenmetsu for all of us to go to a post-halloween costume-party, got drunk off my ass on a sex on the beach, a long island iced tea, and an appletini (and nick makes these drinks STRONG. my long island iced tea was 99.5% booze, .5% coca-cola!). almost fell asleep at the party, got queasy in william’s car from the lights going by and the car mixing up everything in me and so had to use drunken sign-language to indicate that NOW was the time to pull over on the beltway so i could make an evacuation on the shoulder of the road (i still can’t believe i did that! *embarrassed* :P). drove myself home from william’s house and passed out in my bed around 3:30 am.

today: woke up around 11:00ish by a bagpipe band across the street. drifted in and out of sleep and bagpipe band until around 11:30, got up and out of bed, checked the email, drove to severn to help with the food drive (the guys had already picked up the food but hadn’t taken it to the food bank yet).

came back home when that was done, uploaded pictures to flickr, took a nap for a few hours. watched “manos: the hands of fate”, cooked a cheeseburger for dinner, got free swag from dad’s business trip, watched “monster a-go-go”, and that’s about it for today.

i could really go for some pancakes. do you know the last time i had pancakes? it must have been months ago – the last time i remember was back at a waffle house on my way down to atlanta for music midtown in june.