#3400 – cheap thrills

1. so i heard a bunch of stuff about frank zappa’s “cruising with ruben and the jets” and downloaded a version someone recorded from the original vinyl.

2. i really liked it and figured i’d get the cd itself, and even though i heard it was remastered (for the worse) i’d buy it anyway. it was remastered so bad i stuck with listening to my downloaded version.

3. i bought a copy of the actual original record off of ebay, and it’s really good for a 40-year-old record – not really any cracks or skips or anything like that, mostly static free.

4. i recorded the record i bought to the computer (i wanted something a bit better quality than the one i had downloaded)

5. i then took the one i recorded and “remastered” it myself by running some audio filters on it, and saved it on the computer in a lossless format.

that makes FIVE versions i have of the same album 😛