#3392 – this is the life

today i was paid to sit at my desk and listen to my ipod while highlighting calls on a bill for a rework. all day, that’s all i did!

plus, i’ve got friday off for my car appointment, so i’ve got a 3-day weekend!

i got a record of “cruising with reuben & the jets” by frank zappa in the mail (i had won it on ebay) – yes, a record! one of those black shiny things that looks like a dinner plate.

i also got my new camera lens and filters and my lens-pen, so i cleaned my existing camera lens and put the filters on my new and existing cameras – i took some pictures to test it out (it’s going to be weird getting used to as it’s not a zoom like i’m used to), and i’ll have to upload them into flickr too.

tomorrow i work 10 am – 7 pm. i can definitely get used to this. XD