#3390 – hq

today i had class from 8:30 – 9:25ish, and then drove up to headquarters for my first day of work.

basically for my new job, each federal account has a particular rep in charge of their account, and 95% of the time they contact the rep with a request for a price plan change or a feature to be added or something to be done to their account. (the other 5% of the time is people on the accounts contacting us directly, but that’s not very often it seems).

so the rep sends us an email, and that email goes to this one person (well, two people, but only one of them seems to be at work on a given shift) who acts like dispatch for a taxi company, forwarding out the incoming emails to those of us who need more, and checking the ones we do for quality-assurance.

we get the request, and if the rep doesn’t have the original request from the customer attached (we have to see the customer’s request in writing), we send it back to them. same if it was meant for a different department, or if the person making the request isn’t authorized on the account.

if everything checks out fine, then we perform the change, and reply back to the rep and/or customer directly with a mixture of creative writing and form letters. i don’t have to talk to anybody on the phones, i just research, resolve, and repeat. XD

everybody’s been very helpful so far, and i’m getting the hang of things (i don’t have my login information yet, and i’m going on training for this stuff on the 14th for about a week if i remember right). i get my own little cubicle with a chair (no more of this standing around for 8 hours a day over badly-designed counters!) to personalize (i’ll have to take pictures of it XD), 9-hour shifts with hour-long lunch breaks, department hours are only 7 am – 7 pm monday-friday (a few people even work 10-hour shifts and get a 3rd day off in the week!), more flexible time off (there’s apparently a special set of days off we can use now for last-minute emergencies that we don’t get penalized for), i can bring my ipod to work to sit and listen to while i type away at these emails, there’s a cafeteria with good food, and a bunch of my pals are up here already.

i don’t even have to work the day after thanksgiving. XD

everything is a lot more laid-back, with people wandering around and chilling out and chatting with each other. i almost fell asleep today it was so unlike the store, hahaha… i keep waiting for them to say “oops, our bad,” and kick me back into the store. D:

but all this, PLUS a 13% raise? hell yah!

i must go to bed now as i need to be up at 5 am to drive to work (googlemaps says it only takes 45 minutes, but i got home from work in just over 30 minutes, and i don’t know what traffic will be like at 6 am on the highway). if i wasn’t going to bed, i should be up studying as i’ve got an exam on decision support systems tomorrow that i have no idea what i’m going to do for the section on programming visual basic as i, uh, kind of skipped a few of the labs and haven’t read the book don’tyouknow… at least i only work until 4 tomorrow, and the exam isn’t until 7 so that’ll give me time to study a bit.

i’m hoping they’ll let me take the day off on friday as i called in to the mini dealership today to schedule a service appointment – my mini still keeps grinding a bit when i try to start it, and the past few days it’s been showing me a “service engine soon” light (which surprisingly went away after driving for 10 minutes one night, but came right back on the next time i started the car). i tried to get an appointment for saturday but apparently they don’t service cars on saturday, and as i’m taking it to a different dealer other than the one i bought it at they can’t guarantee i’ll get a loaner car (only if it’s determined by mini to be “undriveable” or they have to keep it 8+ hours), and since it’s probably not that great to be driving with an engine light on i wanted to get it taken care of asap. besides, it’s better sooner than later, especially since i can’t really do much else in the store (HA! i typed that out of habit) at work until i get my login information, so tomorrow i’m going to tell my supervisor i won’t be there on friday.

besides besides, i have to use my personal days anyway – use them or lose them!

my camera lens is supposed to come tomorrow – yay! i think i might try it out taking pictures of the fall foliage this weekend (photo-safari on sunday, anyone?).