#3365 – eureka

it’s awkward enough walking in on someone else using the bathroom, but it was really weird just now walking in on the cat going to the litter box. o_o; anyway.

back in august when they released the itunes music store for japan i tried to find a way to buy stuff from there, since there were a bunch of songs that they had on the japanese store that i couldn’t get on the american one – because of distribution rights, you were only able to buy songs from your “home” music store. i thought up all sorts of sneaky methods, even thought about getting a prepaid credit card so i could set up an account, but none of them worked or would be worthwhile to do.

that is, until tonight! i realized i could get an itunes music store prepaid card for the japanese music store. i found out how to get to the cards and add them to my cart for the japanese apple store online, but couldn’t decipher enough japanese to get much farther. i was almost contemplating buying up a few of the cards on my next trip to japan (whenever that would be) or finding a friend to send me some (but that would be a hassle and i wouldn’t want to pester anybody).

i did some poking around, and what did i find? j-list is selling japanese itunes music store prepaid cards! ta-da! here’s what i need! and then i see at the top of the page: “j-list… you’ve got a friend in japan!” (wahh wahhhh wahhhhhhhhh…)

so now i know where to go. one of these days i’ll just buy one of these cards to use… there’s a ton of stuff over there i can’t find anywhere else. now if they only had some fantastic plastic machine or pizzicato five i’d be set…