#3364 – *dies*

From: Caleb McGlone


Date: Oct 22, 2005 4:12 PM

Subject: Shinji’s Rhapsody AMV Question

Okay, me and my friend just got through watching that

little Neon Genesis AMV you made, the one about Shinji

that played to Queen’s Bohmeian Rhapsody (go figure by

the title). At about the 4 Minutes, 20 Second Mark,

when the last part of the song had started up, we’re

seeing all this Eva stuff, then I see Mike Myers and

the guy who played the long haired blonde on Wayne’s

World headbanging in a car. My initial reaction: ‘What

the FUCK?’ O_O So anyway, was that like, intended to

be there for purely random reasons, or did you like,

make a very noticable mistake when you made that AMV?

Just curious….

PS: Good vid.