#3348 – right on the money!

1. william tell overture

2. die walküre: ride of the valkyries

3. mad max, beyond thunderdome

4. gayane: the sabre dance

5. lohengrin: act iii, prelude

6. hungarian rhapsody no. 2

7. piano quartet in g minor; rondo alla zingarese

9. bacchanale

10. daphnis et chloé; danse générale

11. african dance from aladdin suite

12. symphony no. 9 in d minor; choral

13. glagolitic mass: intrada

14. symphonic metamorphoses on themes of carl maria von weber: marsch

15. symphony no. 3 in c minor: organ symphony

16. 1812 overture

i’ve got the ones in bold… man, someone must have been reading my mind when they made this album!