#3342 – by accident

today meowremix3804 and i went into baltimore to take photos around fells point… we wandered into stores, got beers (chocolate + beer isn’t as good as i would have expected, hwbourre… sounds like i need to try the same type you talked about since young’s double chocolate stout is like a not-so-heavy guinness that is still giving me a headache), had pizza (mmm… bop! and no, that’s not a hanson joke!), and talked about moving into baltimore. oh, yeah, and we took pictures too… those are uploading as i write this.

ow… i still can’t believe my head still hurts after that beer!

so while i was driving into baltimore, i saw this cute girl riding in a pickup truck and i thought “why would a cute girl want to ride with some guy in a pickup truck when they could be riding with me in my mini?”, and would you believe that right after i thought that she turned around to watch me as i motored on past that pickup truck? X3

later i saw this other cute girl driving a ford focus zoom past me onto i-95 into baltimore, so i zoomed up behind her (because, uh, i needed to get on i-95 to get into town… really!). later on i passed her and hoped she would hit my car so i could say that we met by “accident”, bahahaha…