#3338 – housing annoyances

so i’m looking at housing options on craigslist, and it’s frustrating… i see awesome ones just beyond my price range. well, actually, i think i’d be able to afford them, i just wouldn’t have any other money for the rest of the month.

for example, with the pay raise they told me i’d get ($4k), and estimating taxes based on my current taxes i’d guesstimate that i’d have paychecks of around $1200, so i’d have $2400 / month – $500 car payment – $200 car insurance = $1700 for everything else that month… rent, utilities, food, bills, etc, etc.

so i’m searching around on craigslist, and i find places like this that look pimpcastle-riffic, but then i remember my budget and that i’d only have $350 left per month leftover. (if it were a little bit cheaper, and only one bedroom it’d be perfect!) just give me a vespa to get around town and i’d be set, hah…

now, splitting the rent would probably work, especially as it’s got 2 bedrooms… i don’t know, though, i think i’d still prefer to have a place of my own as i’ve heard a) too many horror stories of bad roommates, b) don’t want to ruin friendships over being roommates, and c) i just know that if i weren’t by myself i wouldn’t have any incentive at getting out and about more often (which i’d like to try and do when i can).

then again, i don’t know what that neighborhood in town is like – some parts of baltimore are downright seedy. i see lots of places around johns hopkins university, and from what i remember the area surrounding it is pretty bad. i’ll console myself by pretending this place is in crime city, haha…