#3330 – 17

well, i received official word today at work that i’m going to be starting in my new position on november 1, and so since i have off on halloween this month that means my last day in the store will be october 30 – counting today (saturday), that makes only 17 more days of retail! 😀

now if i could only get the sound that the phone from “our man flint” makes to be on my phone (for some reason it doesn’t want to work! hrmph.), i’d be a happy camper.

i’m thinking of moving most of my posts over to… i’ll still use this journal for more off-the-cuff writings, but when i start to write something a bit more in-depth than “internet lolz” then i’ll probably use that.

if you want to point fingers, blame meowremix3804, hehe 🙂