#3322 – rockstar

so i met up with my old coworker buddy keith to go to fletcher’s in fells point tonight to see metalsome monday, that rock ‘n roll karaoke band i saw and sang with at music midtown. they started at 10, and we got there shortly after that.

we met up with two of the guys of a band that keith is the manager for now, “no life on venus”, and hung out with them for a bit before they had to leave. we all looked at the sheet with the list of songs, but i couldn’t choose between “you really got me” again, or if i should do “renegade” by styx… van halen won. keith went to find the sign-in sheet and the girl working the sheet forced him to sign up, hah, so i signed in after him to do my song. the band played a few more songs before taking a break for almost 30 minutes.

after their break, they did several more songs, but didn’t call keith’s name. they called mine name, though, and when i was coming up to the stage their emcee said “look, glenn’s bought himself a metalsome monday t-shirt tonight!” and as i was stepping on stage this guy who i had thought was awesome before for his mohawk (no mohawk tonight though) shook my hand and it went something like this:

“hey, wait… you’ve done this before, haven’t you?”

“yeah… i was in atlanta and saw you guys at music midtown!”

“i thought you looked familiar!!”

emcee to the crowd: “oh, apparently glenn’s done this with us before!”

me to emcee: “yeah, i saw you guys in atlanta…”

mohawk to drummer: “this is that guy!!”

drummer: “huh?”

mohawk: “that guy from music midtown with the shirt… what did it say?”

me: “‘i’m a rocker, i rock out'”

mohawk: “that’s it! that was awesome!!”

so i did my song and rocked out even more than before, i REALLY got into it after that and sang it totally awesome and badass (at least i could hear myself barely now!), and did air guitars and whatnot. there wasn’t any solo this time either, which i liked! i noticed some lady with a digital slr taking pictures throughout the night and i saw her take a ton of me XD

afterward, former-mohawk shook my hand and said they’d like to talk with me after the show outside, but after the show ended i told him that i’ll see them tomorrow since i was going to the festival then anyways and i didn’t want to keep keith up and out late. the funny thing too was that he told me that he saw pictures of me up online somewhere (probably on my flickr site, i guess) after music midtown… it’s funny to hear someone tell you “hey, i saw pictures of you online!”, hah…

you guys missed out on an awesome show; hopefully i’ll be able to get up on stage again tomorrow! after working the music midtown crowd of a few hundred people, tonight’s performance was a snap, hah…