#3314 – a fat man in a small room

you know that feeling when you have an awesome dream and you feel real good about it, and wish that there were things out there that could record your dreams so you could experience them later? yeah, me too.

last night, after talking with somethinguseful, i had a dream that the two of us were at a fancy birthday party in a mansion. i didn’t know the girl who was having the birthday (she seemed a bit like an older veruca salt from the original “willy wonka and the chocolate factory”), and her father was a very large, very overweight man (who actually looked exactly like the overweight man in “monty python’s meaning of life”) – he would get from one side of the table to the other side by rolling himself over the table like it was nothing.

the party itself was in this giant room, with velvet-red carpeting and dark brown wood paneling, suits of armor lining the walls, and about the size of a football field. it was the sort of room that though it didn’t have an extremely tall ceiling you still got the urge to punt a football in it just to see how far it would go.

i don’t remember much about the party itself, but there was dancing involved… mostly it was the two of us bumping and grinding together and later everybody slow-danced. if i remember right, kate was wearing some skirt and boots with a sort of argyle-looking beige and brown shirt or sweater. as i said, i don’t remember much. the only other bit i remember about the party itself was dancing with some other girl who was about twice my height and that makes for some tough slow-dancing let me tell you!

later, we were in some parking garage shaped like a donut, and in the middle of this “donut” was a bookstore, and you could look in upon this bookstore from the garage through glass windows in the middle. there was a car chase in the garage after the fat man discovered us in some extremely small room filled with walnuts. i think we were driving our old dodge blue minivan from the 80s. your guess is as good as mine about that bit – i don’t make the dreams up, i just write about them!

though it sounds like a weird dream, it was overall a nice happy dream. made me want to go dancing with kate, too.