#3309 – alumni reunion

the reunion was lots of fun, i’m glad i went… there were only 3 or 4 other people from my class there, though. i took almost 100 pictures, and some random people there asked me if i could take their pictures as well, so i’m going to be emailing out the pictures i’ve taken to a bunch of people.

met this one guy who graduated in ’57, and he was pretty funny… he offered to buy jeepgy and myself drinks (though it was free booze), and was all-around nice guy.

it was weird, though, talking with old teachers while drinking beer, and wandering the halls of the school while drunk, still holding my rum and coke. plus, dematha grads, you wouldn’t believe who was working the bar – “uncle” rick reeves! he sure made my drink pretty strong! o_o; haha… after we talked about how awesome and funny it would be to go to greece over the summer with mr reeves even now as alumni (mr reeves used to and still does a summer trip to greece for students who want to pay for a trip like that), mr reeves told us that he owns a house there now and he spends his summer in greece each year, and that he’s planning a summer trip to greece for dematha alumni/faculty for about 10 days this coming summer for around $2500 round trip… i think i’m going to do that! hahahaha XD

pictures are still uploading, so i’m going to let that go overnight and fix ’em up tomorrow.