#3301 – debate

i’m debating if i should create an entirely new site for, or if i should make globalglenn a paid account and have the address point to that journal, or what i should do. (speaking of paid accounts, guess who has a paid account that expires in the next few days? hint hint 🙂 )

i’m strongly considering leaving my current webhost for… while my experience with my current one hasn’t been bad, some technical issues have been frustrating and i’d much prefer a unix-based host over a windows-based one (at least then i’d know what i’m doing with commands!). also, dreamhost is cheaper (well, the same price actually) but for more space and more bandwidth. plus they give people $97 for referring new customers, and john agreed to split it with me, haha… i’ll do that at the end of the month, though, once i’m paid.

they also give you a free domain for the duration of your hosting with them – i couldn’t think of what to host with them, but then realized i could make a reality, hahaha…

as for work, i found out today how much of a raise i’d be getting, but still no word on when i start the new job. it’s not as much of a raise as i was hoping/expecting, but i’m not going to complain about something that works out to be another $1.92 an hour.