#3300 – the 90/10 rule: 90% of people will understand 10% of this post

poor b-rob, got his elbow dislocated during tonight’s o’s game 🙁

as for new around the intarnets, lookie what i now own – today, and… tomorrow, THE WORLD!!! muhahahahhaaha…

seriously, though… i had been wanting globalglenn.whatever for a while, and some poo-poo head already had (don’t be fooled by the baby picture, netcraft confirms it, the owner of is a poo-poo head). so, i got the next best thing (or as i like to call the “nuts, everything’s taken” option as that’s what .net stands for, right? right??) and registered fine. i was also told that was available, so i figured what the hell and got both and will set up one domain to a site and point the other to the first. i was going to sign up for a different hosting service for my stuff, but realized that of my 4000 gigs allotted for disk space only about 400 of that was used, and that of the 80 gigs of bandwidth i was allotted i used 0 in the past month (i find that hard to believe, i know it’s said 0 before when i know i’ve used it but tanstaafl aside i’m not going to complain). so, i already have and am paying for the space (it’s at for those interested), now i can just use it more efficiently!

now to wait for dns changes to propogate. 😛

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