#3291 – rush job

Dear Candidates,

I sincerely apologize for my delay in getting back to you with regards to the IRT position. We are still extraordinarily eager to have you all aboard.

Your patience is very much appreciated. Presently, we are in negotiations with HR to see if we may speed up our hiring process. I shall follow up on this matter and touch base with you as soon as humanly possible. I thank you for your continued interest and I for any inconvenience.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

apparently they’re still working on some things to get myself and the other people going to this department set up… they originally wanted 8? 11? something around that many people for the department, but didn’t get as many as they had hoped. they had also told hr that they wouldn’t start the paperwork for moving people into the department until they had all of the people for the position, so they were trying to get more people for the department first. to make a long story short, right now they’re rushing to get things going so we’ll be in the new position by november 1, because if we aren’t in the new position by november 1 then we can’t be put into the position until january!

i’ll tell you this much – i’m not going to be happy if i end up working the holiday season in retail!

on the 22nd i’m going to be going to a baseball game with my dad and his office (free ticket for me!)… i’m thinking about going into dc earlier in the day to go to the navy memorial to see an awesome video of aircraft carrier-related stuff set to “rhapsody in blue” by george gershwin, and maybe i’ll see about going to the bureau of engraving and printing since it’s been ages since i’ve seen the tour of that place and it would be interesting to see.

oh yeah, i need to remember to reserve a ticket for myself for my all-class high school reunion by the 19th…