#3280 – give as good as i get

at work the other day some guy tried to school me on what my computer can and can’t do…

“why do you guys advertise this aircard as being mac compatible when mac laptops don’t have the port it needs??”

uh, yes they do.

“no they don’t!! i’ve been working with macs for 15 years and they don’t have this pc card port on them!”

well, mine does.

“what kind of mac do you have?”

a powerbook.

“what size?”


“how old is it?”

about a year and a half old…

“…huh. and have you tried the card in there yourself??”

nope, but i have other cards that use the same interface. here, let me print up a datasheet on the aircard for you…

*customer leaves when i go to get the paper off the printer for him*

then yesterday this fat man wearing a famous dave’s shirt came in the store, and as i’m helping him he suddenly says “DON’T YOU EVER EAT?!?!”… i looked at him for a moment and started pointing at his shirt and said “hey! you work at famous dave’s! how about getting me some free food then!?” and he said he’d get me a side of ribs if i were to come in, hah!

today a customer was signing his contract and cracking jokes the entire time…

*to the lady with him* “that contract says that you have to sleep with me tonight!”

lady: “uh, whatever”

guy: “isn’t that right, glenn?”

me *not wanting to get involved*: “uhh, well, you know what they say – the customer is always right!”

guy: “i can tell you had some great training for your job!”

tomorrow is a store meeting at 8:30 am… i don’t want to go, i want to sleep in… 😛

(on the bright side, this is good music to fall asleep to… same music i listened to when i took my nap… also, on an eerie note, this album was released 4 years ago today, heh…)