#3278 – salad days

got photoshop installed on here and fixed up my pictures, and now they look very nice! here’s where they all are.

my manager doesn’t think that i’m going to be in my new position until november 1st. 😛 he says that human resources needs to give me a release date from my current position (which is usually around 30 days after they notify you), and they don’t usually start people in the middle of the month. i hope not, but at least there’s a light at the end of the tunnel…

i had run out of space on my powerbook’s hard drive, and while i have a 250 gig external drive as well as another 80 gig external drive (the internal one is 80 gigs), i prefer to keep as much stuff actually on the computer as i can – the 250 gig drive is really just a giant backup drive. i’m slowly copying my songs back on (i’m going to re-rip my songs back in – right now i’m just copying in the ones i’ve bought online), but this time i’m getting all obsessive/compulsive about the song details, making sure that the year of the song is accurate (NOT the release date, necessarily! i hate it when cd reissues are tagged with the date of the reissue), organizing the genres a bit more consistently, and i’m even tempted to add in lyrics and composer information as well. right now i’m in the middle of the “c”s.

tonight we watched “attack of the killer tomatoes” – it was only something like $7 or $8 on! it made me hungry for a salad. 😛

i’ve got so much stuff i need to do and organize, but i’ve got no time to really do it all… i need several days off in a row, hrm.