#3323 – not the target market

Dear Glenn,

I recently found your resume online and feel you may be qualified for one of our available positions

LaJeunesse is the hottest new cosmetic line to hit the United States in years. Beginning in September 2005, we will be opening 2500 stores across the country. LaJeunesse will be sold exclusively through these stores.

We are looking to fill the following positions in your area:

Store Manager

Store Managers are responsible for all in-store operations. Store Managers should have a minimum of 5 years retail experience, at least one-year of management experience and a passion for the fashion and cosmetics industry.

HAHAHAHAHHHAHAHA. i know i’m always complaining about my job on here somehow or another, but somehow i doubt i’m very suited to store manager of a fashion / cosmetics store. there’s other positions in the email they sent me, but they’re not as amusing as that one, hahaha…

eta: it’s even more chuckles to read their about us page… and, oh wait, what’s this? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, that twist of events calls for a change of userpic for this post!