#3319 – mix cd

somethinguseful is putting together a mix cd exchange, and i thought i’d organize an exchange of my own – anybody interested? 😀 if so, you’d get a name/address of someone to send your cd to. i myself would be willing to send a copy of the one i make not only to the person i end up assigned to, but to anybody who wants one (but only if they send me a copy of theirs too, because i want to see how some of the others turn out!).

there is one rule – it must be based on a theme! you get to fill in the blank, but the title would have to be along the lines of:

“music to ______________ by” or “music to ______________ to”

you can do album artwork and whatnot if you want to, but it’s not necessary; just the title itself would be fine. don’t tell me the title, though… that’s going to be a surprise for whoever gets your cd! 😀

is anybody interested? send me an email to with your name and address if you are (and also include in there whether or not you’d be willing to send yours to me as well for a copy of mine)! i’ll wait a few days before sending out the assignments! 😀