#3306 – everything in this post is interconnected

i need a color printer. i should rephrase that: i need to print things in color. we have a laser printer, and it does a crack job at black and white for the most part, but our color printers have gone kaput and it’s not really worth buying the color printer i’d need in order to print out the handful of things i want to print in color. i’m interested in printing out:

– calling cards for my flickr pictures (could be black and white, i suppose, but i’d prefer them in color)

– dvd labels for the dvd slideshow of my pictures of my trip to japan and another for my trip to europe

– photos i’ve taken to put together into a cd booklet for the mix cd exchange that somethinguseful set up

– postsecret photo

now, for the photos i can do that at a cvs or ritz camera or something similar. i guess for the others i’ll have to go to a kinko’s sometime and use their facilities. hm. i need time off of work and cash money first, though.

speaking of photography, meowremix3804 and i might go on a photo safari sometime. we’d have to work out when we’d be free and where we should go and all, but it would be interesting and fun to do i think.

i was thinking today how stupid it is that we only get 2 days per week off of work (if we are lucky! some jobs don’t even give you that much), and the other 5 days are spent working for the man. that’s about 29% of the days of the week you have completely free, no work to do at all! isn’t that a bitch? (sure, it doesn’t look as bad if you consider it as a percentage of hours during the week and not a percentage of days, but when you spend the majority of time available during the day at work, it makes the rest of the day pretty much lost time. at least, it does in my job).

work today was uneventful except for a crazy rush for a few hours, then we slowed down considerably. at least i was only scheduled 8-4:30, and not 8-6:30 like one of my coworkers.

tomorrow i need to work 7-3:30. i hope it doesn’t rain after work, so i can finally wash the mini!

i hope tomorrow they let me know about that interview i did. this is starting to get ridiculous. it’d be nice though if it has a pay-raise attached to it (i should scan in my mid-year work assessment of me to show how well i perform on the job); i’d like to move into my own place, and it’d be nice for it to be my own place, without roommates. i dunno, though… it just is more appealing to me that way. hrm. they need to hurry up and tell me about the position, though, so i can finally finish registering for my classes.

i also can’t wait for my mid-month paycheck, so i can see if i’ll be able to fly down and visit jen for a few days in florida at the end of august.

i’ve been a bit disappointed in the ladyfriend department lately. it’s nice knowing so many hawt chix all around, but there’s times that i would like to have something beyond just a friendship. i don’t really know what else to say there without sounding all “*whine whine emo emo*”, other than SO prospects are looking so-so. 😛 in slightly related news, i’ve still been thinking about my postsecret bit that i want to make up and send in.

i wonder what festive has been up to? i haven’t heard from her in a while…