#3302 – beat surprise

i came home from work and ended up falling asleep on the couch – i’ve been so tired lately. i just had the oddest dream EVAR from that nap, though:

i was buying a house that was built on a pier (there were these LONG stretches of piers with dozens of houses built on each), and either bruno_boy or whammywah were buying one as well.

after going over some of the paperwork for buying the house i took a train past the body of water where the houses were and the train went along a highway – two of my coworkers were driving by on the highway next to each other as if they were racing, but they were shouting back and forth about financing options for buying a car. one of my coworkers, a man named J.R., was explaining how a certain financing option would work out very well in certain situations.

later i was sitting in a small kitchen eating something-or-another while a black and white tv showed some movie, and i read an article in the washington post about a famous chef who works in an upscale restaurant in the basement of some museum in dc. he got his start at a restaurant where many young chefs would first learn to cook. apparently – according to the article – chefs would refer to their kitchen and culinary expertise the way that musicians would refer to the type of music their band would play; this particular kitchen referred to their own style of cooking as a “beat surprise”. when he got the acceptance letter at home, his father read it and kicked him out of the house saying “surprise! you wanted to be a chef? you’ll get to be a chef! now, beat it!”. apparently the chef had cooked before for different dc bigwigs, and he once told redskins coach joe gibbs that if the redskins won the superbowl then he’d make a sweet potato pie “so delicious and filling that nobody would be able to throw it”, meaning that they’d be so full after eating it they wouldn’t be able to do anything at all, hehehe